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Nino's Birthday Post

Dearest Ninomiya san,

Happy Birthday!! :D

I hope you've had a good birthday celebration today, or going to :)

The thing that's on my mind these days is the Singapore screening of the Tokyo Dome Waku Waku Gakkou! You don't know how much I prayed and hoped that it would come closer than Shanghai. And now that it's here, just RM 500 away, can I go? Would be really nice if I could see it again~ (Actually I hoped that it would come in the form of DVD, since the last two years didn't have DVD releases, but what your company has granted us is WAY better than DVD) :3 thank you.

Today I watched 'Now You See Me' starring Morgan Freeman, the Facebook guy and some other actors. It's bad to do this, but the whole movie, the Facebook guy had your face, Nino san. When he did his card tricks, I kept seeing your face, during the chase scenes, the stage and police scenes too. And the tricks they showed in the movie were pretty cool BD

Anyways, I'm watching Yowakate now, at episode 5 i think, last Sunday.... I love the series :D and I don't understand why the ratings on Wikipedia are so low! It's the perfect role for you, selfish and hard ass guy, I also like how you get it across that Tamo Sensei does not want to do what he's doing, you did it beautifully. Yup.

I bought last year's Arafes DVD by the way~ I have to say this is THE MOST AMAZING DVD ever in Arashi history. I like it even more than the Time concert DVD. And I totally forgive you guys for taking so long to release it, it is awesome. I was a little shocked to see the dancers in the beginning, but it's good that they made their first appearance during Ohno's solo, because they made him look so good :D And Sho's solo! I'm a little disappointed that it was chosen only this year :( it should have been chosen as the first most favourite Sho solo! And Matsujun, he kills me everytime.... And there was a DJ MJ part 2! That was great! XD I also like how Matsujun's corner had more Sho than anyone else, haha! And you! The sweetheart that you are, what was with the opening of Still?! After the fire in Calling, you blow us completely with that opening...

Well, the 17th is almost over in my country, so I'm ending my Birthday letter to you. :)

Good night!

Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 1

BnC i love you :3

Matsujun I love you <3

Boy was so perfect in the 1st episode, I got the giggles right off the bat. The hands, the lips, the hair, the jacket, the shoes, the chocolate! ....*sigh*

It was a darn good 1st episode!

Then I watched the HeyX3 performance and nearly died. Ohno was unbelievable XD That song's going to be around for a long time~

Nou Otoko

I'm watching Nou Otoko on Astro Box Office now!!! :DDDD

I regret not knowing it was on this month till today, but I'm going to watch it every day till they stop on the 31st! XD

We're halfway through the movie, and I'm not very sure about the story itself, but Ikuta Toma is simply beautiful <3

Arashi 14th Anniversary

Hey Hey Hey!

You know how Yoshimoto says "Yobaretenai no ni, jya jya jya jyaan!"

I thought I heard the same line in Lucky Man!

But when I checked back the lyrics, it turned out to be "Yobarete tobidete jya jya jya jyaan!"....


Tomorrow is Hari Malaysia, which can only mean one thing... today is Arashi's Anniversary day! :D Yay! XD

Happy Anniversary dears! <3

Matsumoto Jun 30th Birthday Post

Matsumoto san Happy Birthday!!!! <3

It is 12.13 in Malaysia now, so 1.13 am i think, in Tokyo. I hope you'll have a good birthday celebration, it is Friday after all! Great.... now Fly on Friday is stuck in my head XD

Speaking of which, Sakurai Sho has changed something somewhere sometime :) I think it must have happened around Kazoku Game time? He's always been like a different person in his JWebs compared to what we see on tv, but now it feels like the same person <3 Love him so much.... Even if he didn't change, I think us fans would love him all the same, haha! We will still love that indignant, not liking compliments, fan disliking, old fashioned, old man in a gorgeously sexy body: Sakurai Sho like nobody's business, because that's how we got to know him, and that's who we fell in love with. For the record, I think Aiba is Disneyland in gorgeously sexy body.

Anyway Matsumoto san, I hear you guys are going to have a new concert tour! Yay! :D I imagine the whole team is already finalising the details, ready for the announcement in the just-around-the-corner Arafes!!! It's in September, right? I have a feeling you guys are going to do something different again this time around, but I have to tell you, I had heaps of fun watching Popcorn :)

Oh damn, Nino is playing now.... Sore Wa Yappari Kimi Deshita. I wonder what he's going to do for his solo  this year! I eagerly await the rumours, muahahaha! Speaking of rumours, is the Arafes concert song list out? Need to look it up! Last year's rumours came out true after all.

Then.... Nino... is currently my number one, apart from Sakurai Sho who I want to do stuff with, but never mind that. I haven't watched much of this year's 24 Hour TV, but what I have watched is showing up Ninomiya san in a very pretty light indeed! I mean, who can be so squishily cute one minute then so cool he can cut the next! Oh wait... There's a whole company of them XD

Johnny's Entertainment, I wonder when I'll really outgrow them.... There was a time I came very close, a few weeks after I went to see them. But now, here I am :3 I have no doubt now that I'll outgrow them one day, and I'm no longer afraid of it. What I am is curious :D what is going to pull me away from Arashi, hmm....

So, what I'm actually trying to say, Matsumoto san, is Happy Birthday. Loved you yesterday, love you today, and I expect I'll continue loving you for the rest of my life :)

I eagerly await Hidamari No Kanojo! :)

Johnnys Net In English! :D

Johnny's Net is going to be in English~ Yay~! :D

Now if only I can figure out how to get it XD or be brave enough to buy it....

I visited the site, it was quite cool, reading everything in English on the site itself, without using translate :3

I know its late, but still I'm glad they've finally done it, seeing that there are SO MANY non Japanese speaking / reading fans around.

First Nino realises his popularity outside of Japan through promoting Letters From Iwo Jima, then the boys go on Asia tour to Korea, Shanghai & Thailand. After that Hana Yori Dango happened! Then alot of people went to eat at Aiba's house, and then, Endless Japan. Then JOhnnys Mail started and Nino's movie came to Malaysia! <3 Then Sakurai Sho came to Singapore and was a total sweetheart (am still in love after a week) XD

I remember telling a friend of mine a few years ago that I was waiting for Sho to come to Eng Ann so I can ask him to marry me, lol. Even though he came 400 kms south, I'm still thanking my lucky stars that he came at all! XD

I hope the movie opens in Malaysia....


It's 3 in the morning, and I'm watching the 2006 Dome DVD (or 2007?)..... Yeah I don't know why either XD

Arashi is cool na... That song, Cool and Soul, even though I'm listening to it for the first time, there are some parts that are so familiar, because they come out in the later concerts! And Arashi's greetings are the same as they are in last year's concerts, haha! It's so awesome that they have been doing the same thing for years, although it didn't attract attention till recently.

Blue. Heard that song on youtube when I first joined the fandom, it's been years since I last heard it XD Now there are many concert favourites  that surely make it into every concert's tracklist as of 2008 or so, but before these new, popular songs that made money came about, there were gems, like Blue! :)

Naka Riisa

Yesterday I watched the HNA guested by Naka Riisa, who was hosted by Matsujun & Aiba.

Read it in many places, heard it in many places, and when she previously came on the show too. Naka Riisa really really really really does look alot like Nino. The way her face moves, the eyes, the mouth.... it was so much like him I was shocked XD

Made me miss him when I saw her :)


Sakurai Sho's 31st Birthday

Happy Birthday love :)

Dear Sakurai Sho,
Happy 31st Birthday!

I've been hearing alot of things about you in the internet.... maybe because my 99% of my LJ friends page is filled with Arashi related news.
I hear that HNA is ending, and that you are going to have a show with another host. And though my heart is happy for you, I am getting depressed over the end of HNA. It has to happen sometime, I guess. Even so, please remember that for us "Out Of Japan" fans, the only place where we can see you are in DVDs (and NHK Channel). So, if it's not too much trouble, kindly talk with your superiors or whoever and dashite-kan more DVDs. 2012 was a good year, with 2 DVDs (one in the making probably). I await its release patiently :) All of you look good in the DVDs, so I assure you, its a good investment.

I love reading your JWeb translations too. Kindly post more, that is, if its not too much trouble. I will also work harder in order to buy an i-phone so I can buy the Johnnys app (I think that's what its called), and I can read all the JWebs.

I've been listening to alot of your songs and reading their translations recently, and realized something. You have alot of songs about working, running, living and self sufficiency. At times, I feel happy with those lyrics, and at other times, not so happy. I wonder, how do they make you feel? And you also have to live out those words, I suppose. 

I felt very happy to see you last year. It was a good year for you from the viewpoint of a fan. I wish you have a better year ahead.

Thank You and Lots of Love.

Yours Sincerely,